Events & Training Terms

By registering for a training course, programme, or workshop through, operated by Outcomes Over Outputs Ltd, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. These terms govern your participation in any event and override any customer’s own terms unless explicitly agreed in writing by us.


Registration for training courses is on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability. You are required to provide correct and current information necessary for registration and invoicing. A valid email address is essential for correspondence. Your registration details will be processed electronically, possibly using cloud services, and shared with partners or certifying bodies as necessary.

Course Fees and Discounts

Fees for public training courses and programmes are due as per the specified deadlines. Failure to make timely payments may result in the loss of your reservation. We offer various discounts which must be claimed at the time of registration. All public courses conducted in the United Kingdom are subject to VAT, regardless of the participant’s location within the EU.

Training Packages

We offer flexible payment plans for our Training Packages. The full cost of each course within a package is due a week before the course commences. Adjustments to the package, if necessary, are subject to our terms and conditions.

In-House Training and Workshops

A deposit is required to secure dates for in-house training, with the balance and any additional expenses due as per our payment terms. The provision of a suitable training venue is the responsibility of the client. Our quoted prices are valid for 28 days and are subject to VAT.

Customer Cancellation Policy

For public training courses, cancellations are free up to two weeks before the course start date. Beyond this period, full fees are chargeable. For Training Programmes, different cancellation terms apply, detailed in the respective programme information. For cancellations or substitutions, contact

Customer Transfer Policy

Transfers within two weeks of the course or programme start date may incur fees. Specific details of the transfer fees are outlined in the respective course or programme information. To transfer a registration, contact

Delivery of Training

Course duration, price, content, and other details are as described in the respective course information. We reserve the right to cancel or change any course, providing reasonable notice except in emergencies. We cannot guarantee specific trainers for any course.

Intellectual Property

All course materials are the intellectual property of or its trainers, unless otherwise specified, and are provided for personal use only.

Force Majeure is not liable for delays or failures in performance resulting from acts beyond its control. Every effort will be made to resume normal services as soon as possible in such events.

Registered Trademarks and Copyrights

No warranty is provided that any referenced products or processes are not the trademarks of third parties. Course materials are subject to copyright and are for personal use only.


We may use third parties to meet our obligations. Should any part of these terms be found invalid, it will be replaced with a suitable alternative, while the rest of the terms remain valid.

These terms are governed by the laws of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and are subject to change without notice.