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Jon Spruce

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About Jon

Agile Coach, Scrum Trainer & Mentor

An Agile Coach with proven experience in leading successful large scale digital transformation, Agile adoption and DevOps change programmes.

Jon supports clients to help them deliver world-class products through effective leadership coaching, and building agile capability.

Outside of the office, you can find him on a building site developing property, swimming in an extremely cold lake in Wales or in a plane working towards his Private Pilot’s Licence.

An outcome-focussed Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEC) and Certified Team Agile Coach (CTC) with a passion for developing the humans that build amazing products.


Jon has supported clients all over the world and in many sectors to build amazing products.

Whether it is Telecoms or Banking, Government or Retail, Marketing or Pharmaceutical, Defence or Renewable Energy, Fintech or Fashion, his experience shows the same issues with achieving business agility are present no matter which type of business.

Jon works with the humans and the system they work within to develop connected teams that delight their customers.



Jon is a global leader in agile coaching and scaling agile across large enterprises to build innovative and impactful products.


Jon regularly mentors Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Agile Teams to help build capability and growth.


Jon regularly speaks at conferences, on expert panels, webinars, on podcasts, and at corporate events all over the world.


Jon is an experienced trainer, bringing to life the content and context of any material through engaging techniques.

Special Approach To Every Client

From the silos of fast paced media companies to the huge complexity of large finance and other regulated institutions, change veteran Jon Spruce gives an emphatic and deeply engaging description of what good looks like when creating high performing teams and organisations.

Jon really knows how cross functional teams can be created easily and quickly focus on the creating innovative solutions and generate ongoing value, in a predictable way.

Jon is not scared of having the difficult conversations but his empathy for people, however senior, means he has a real appreciation for an individual’s context and challenges.

This in turn underlines his success in the largest organisations with substantial regulation and legacy technology.

Jon’s stories from his journey are full of infectious energy and practical real world experience, and underlines the power of team and business agility.

Whatever your industry, be it risk adverse conservative to fast paced, rapid deadlines, if you want to increase your agility, or further your leadership journey, this is a great place to start.

agile & scrum training

Workshops and Training Courses by Jon Spruce

As an authorised trainer for SAFe, ICAgile, Scrum Alliance Foundations  and Scrum@Scale, Jon can provide training for your business that supports the capability of your teams.

With extensive experience in both in person and remote training, Jon is able to create connections with the attendees, leaving lasting knowledge that supports growth.

Get in touch to learn more about public and private agile training courses with Jon Spruce.


Jon speaks regularly at conferences, delivers webinars, and speaks at meetups all over the world, helping to share the human side of agile transformation.  Whether delivered in a conference center in front of hundreds of people or remotely with a small cohort of scrum masters, Jon connects with his audience with candor, humility, and humour.

There are some video examples of Jon’s approach below.

Digital & Physical Products

As the Global Executive Producer for some of the most recognisable brands in the world, Jon has built, coached, and mentored the teams that delivered award-winning products.

Jon and the teams built early java based mobile applications for Axe at Unilever through to the next-generation mobile experience Nike Training Club.  The teams built an unprecedented social following for Beats By Dre by pioneering influencer marketing and fan-created content.  We even launched Nike physical products with a huge event in London with massive data visualisation projection mapping driven by live attendee data.

Take a look at the award reels below for the products that truly high-performing agile teams can create.

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