The Agile Leap: Navigating BT's Marketing Transformation

Engagement Overview

My journey as the Principal Enterprise Agile Coach at BT unfolded in a high-stakes environment, guiding the marketing teams of BT, EE, and BT TV through a transformative agile adoption. 

Spanning eight months, this role involved reshaping the working dynamics of a 400-person core marketing team deeply embedded in traditional methodologies.

The Challenge

The project’s inception was marked by a radical ‘big bang approach’, a sudden leap into Scrum, disrupting the established order. 

Overnight, the department transitioned from functional silos into 50 Scrum squads. 

This abrupt change created organisational inertia and a palpable tension among the employees, challenging their adaptability and resilience.

Strategic Approach

Addressing this upheaval required a multifaceted strategy. My approach centred around engaging with leadership to steer the transformation, aligning the leadership vision with the agile methodologies. 

The constrained budget for hiring posed a unique challenge in building a team of competent agile coaches. 

To tackle this, I developed a nuanced hiring framework based on the ACI Agile Coaching Competency Framework, ensuring the selection of candidates with the right blend of experience and practicality.

The Transformation

The transformation was a journey of evolving practices and mindsets. Establishing 50 agile squads was a testament to the team’s agility and commitment. 

A pivotal part of this journey was creating and nurturing a Scrum Master Community of Practice, which became the bedrock for internal coaching and sustainable agile practices within BT.

Outcomes and Impact

The transformation redefined BT’s marketing division, fostering a culture primed for continuous improvement and swift adaptation. 

Training programs, particularly the ICAgile Certified Team Coach course, were refined to provide a clear pathway for professional growth among Scrum Masters. 

The cultural shift was evident in the newfound agility and responsiveness to market dynamics.


This role was a crucible of professional growth, underscoring the nuances of strategic planning and the essence of effective communication in times of change. 

It highlighted the indispensable role of agile coaching in navigating complex transformations and the value of a structured yet adaptable approach to team development.

Incorporating skills such as Agile Coaching, Scrum Mastery, and Process Improvement, this journey at BT was not just about transforming a department; it was about instilling a new way of thinking and working, setting a precedent for agile transformations in large organisations.

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