(Re)Starting in the middle

(Re)Starting in the middle

In medias res.

Three short Latin words. They mean, more or less, “in the middle.”

When you pick up a book or sit down to watch a movie and the story starts in the middle of things — usually at some high or tense point — that’s in medias res.

No, I’m not starting to teach Latin in the middle of my career, if that’s what you’re wondering. But I am restarting something. In the middle of my story, I’m changing the direction of my writing and expanding the platforms on which I write. Because I’ve realised that I want to say more, and say it differently.

Agile and Agility remain, as always, my main focus. But it’s more than it used to be — to me personally as well as in general. Agile is no longer just a way to approach software development. It’s a way of approaching teamwork. It’s a way of thinking about work and life. It’s a way of connecting with people and helping them be their best by being my best.

Beginning next week, I’ll be publishing articles that talk about work, and articles that talk about life.

Because I’m living this out, and enjoying it, and being rewarded by it, and learning to deal with frustrations and challenges and setbacks through it, both personally and professionally.

And I’ll be sharing those on LinkedIn and on Medium.

I hope sharing with you will prove useful, and provoke discussion.



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